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A Comprehensive Guide to Ordering Covid Safe Catering for Your Office

Tips for Finding Reliable and Local Caterers in Australia

Corporate catering is a critical aspect of office culture, and it's a great way to boost employee morale and productivity. However, with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it's essential to prioritise the safety of your employees when ordering catering services. Whether planning an office meeting, a team-building event, or a special celebration, having Covid safe food can make a significant difference. That's why knowing how to order Covid safe corporate catering for your office is crucial.

Step 1: Determine Your Budget and Dietary Restrictions
The first step in ordering Covid safe corporate catering for your office is determining your budget and dietary restrictions. Before you begin your search for caterers, it's essential to establish how much you're willing to spend on catering. Once you've determined your budget, consider your employees' dietary restrictions. Common dietary restrictions include vegetarian, gluten-free, and kosher. Ask your employees about their dietary needs to ensure everyone can enjoy the Covid safe food.

Step 2: Research Local Caterers
The next step is to research local caterers that offer Covid safe corporate catering services in your area. Look for caterers specialising in Covid safe catering and with experience catering to businesses in your industry. You can start your search by using online search engines or social media or by asking for recommendations from friends and colleagues.

One marketplace to consider for local caterers is eCater. eCater is an online platform that connects businesses with reliable local caterers in major cities in Australia. With eCater, you can browse a range of caterers in your area and choose the one that meets your budget and dietary requirements.

Step 3: Review Menus and Services
Find caterers who offer Covid safe food options like individually packaged meals and contactless delivery. Following your list of potential caterers, you should review their menus and services. You should also consider the type of services offered by the caterer. Is there buffet-style catering, boxed lunches, or hot meals available?

Step 4: Request Quotes
After reviewing the menus and services of potential caterers, you should request quotes from each caterer. When requesting quotes, provide details such as the number of guests, the type of event, the date and time, and your budget. The caterer should be able to provide you with a detailed quote that includes the cost per person, any additional fees, and the total cost of the Covid safe catering service.

Step 5: Choose a Caterer
Once you've received quotes from potential caterers, choose the best fit for your needs and budget. When deciding, consider factors such as the quality of the Covid safe food, the range of Covid safe services, and the caterer's reputation. Also, remember to read reviews from previous clients to understand their experience with the caterer.

Step 6: Confirm Details
After choosing a caterer, you should confirm all your order details. Ensure to provide the caterer with the exact number of guests, the delivery location, and special Covid safe instructions. Also, confirm the date and time of the event and the type of service you require. Finally, ensure to provide the caterer with any Covid safe dietary restrictions your employees may have.

Step 7: FinaliseFinalise Payment and Delivery
Before the event, you should finalise the payment and delivery details with the caterer. Make sure to clarify the payment terms with the caterer to avoid confusion. Most caterers require a deposit upfront, and you may be required to pay the total amount before the event.

When it comes to delivery, specify the delivery time and any specific Covid safe delivery instructions. For example, inform the caterer of the delivery process if you require contactless delivery. It's also a good idea to have a designated person at the office to receive the Covid safe catering delivery and ensure it's set up correctly.

Step 8: Enjoy the Covid Safe Catering
On the day of the event, make sure to set up the Covid safe catering area before the caterer arrives. If you're providing buffet-style catering, follow Covid safe guidelines, such as having a designated person serving the food, wearing gloves and masks, and providing hand sanitiser. If you're providing individually packaged meals, make sure to have them set up in an area where employees can easily access them.

Lastly, ordering Covid safe corporate catering for your office requires careful planning and attention to detail. Following the steps outlined in this guide, you can find reliable and local caterers that specialise in Covid safe catering and meet your budget and dietary requirements. Remember to prioritise the safety of your employees when ordering Covid safe food, and use a marketplace like eCater to make the process easier and more efficient. With Covid safe catering, you can boost employee morale and productivity while ensuring the health and safety of your team.

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