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The Importance of Workplace Food and the Benefits of eCater

Why is having food at work so crucial?

Recruiting and Retention
In today's competitive job market, providing good food at work is necessary. When job seekers evaluate potential employers, food programs consistently rank high on their list of desirable perks. Offering exceptional food options helps attract top talent and encourages employee loyalty. Satisfied employees tend to stay longer and become enthusiastic advocates for your organisation.

"67% of employees experience increased happiness when provided with food at work."

Implementing an onsite meal program allows employees to maximise their time. Countless hours are saved by eliminating the need to leave the office and search for a restaurant. Reclaiming this time boosts productivity and fosters a more efficient work environment, leading to better employee and company outcomes.

Health & Wellness
Prioritising health and wellness is now mainstream, and the workplace is no exception. People seek healthy options even during work hours. Your company meets the growing demand for healthier choices by offering access to high-quality, fresh meals. Addressing health and wellness promotes a positive work environment, reducing insurance costs and fewer sick days.

"Companies with the highest engagement levels are 22% more profitable."

Introducing a food program creates a sense of camaraderie within teams. Instead of eating alone or venturing out individually, employees gather together during mealtimes. This shared experience fosters better relationships, allowing colleagues to connect on a personal level. Regular mealtimes become a cherished ritual that strengthens the company's culture daily, offering unparalleled engagement opportunities.

Why Choose eCater?
At eCater, we strive to make lunch at work an eagerly anticipated employee experience. What sets us apart? Our reliance on independent, local caterers. They are the true heroes behind our business model. Rather than preparing our food, we coordinate all the logistics to bring a variety of fresh restaurant meals to your workplace, ensuring prompt and reliable service. Since 2017, we have successfully operated in major cities throughout the country.

eCater's programs are designed to adapt to your company's growth, providing tailored solutions for organisations of any size.

High Retention
Our clients who choose eCater tend to become devoted fans. We boast an impressive partner retention rate of over 93%, demonstrating the satisfaction and loyalty we generate.

National Presence
eCater has a nationwide presence and is continuously expanding into new cities. If we have yet to reach your area, we diligently work toward it.

Many food programs come with a hefty price tag, but eCater offers employers a unique and affordable solution. Our core business model revolves around a revenue-sharing arrangement with our catering partners, allowing us to provide an economic perk for your employees. Our model allows employers to cover part or all of the meal cost for companies interested in subsidising meals.

Exceptional Customer Service
Delivering outstanding customer service sets us apart and ensures long-term client satisfaction. We draw inspiration from companies like Southwest Airlines, recognising that exceptional service pays dividends. At eCater, we hire creative problem solvers who take ownership of their roles. Our success is measured by client feedback and retention as we prioritise building solid customer relationships.

Data-Driven Approach
Using artificial intelligence, eCater analyses thousands of data points per day. Our valuable data helps us make informed decisions that benefit our clients, such as saving them money, maintaining employee satisfaction, reducing food waste, and supporting our restaurant partners' profitability.

Catering Partnerships
At eCater, we tirelessly search for the best food trucks, caterers and event planners. Our passion lies in connecting talented chefs with individuals who appreciate their culinary creations. Through partnerships with local and national favourites nationwide, we ensure your colleagues will love their lunch daily.

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