Covid-Safe Lunch Box Catering

Covid-Safe Lunch Box Catering

Are you looking for Covid-safe lunch catering options? If you are looking for something that looks great and tastes delicious, Icater has mastered the art of packed lunches! We are the best lunchbox caterer in Sydney and Melbourne. 

Our catering company is the right choice if you want an easy, healthy lunch option! It is a good option for various events and functions with such flexibility and freshness.

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We make lunch box catering easy

There is a common misconception that gourmet lunch boxes are just for lunchtime; however, icater has delicious and affordable options for any meal, whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even just by themselves!

These lunch boxes are suitable for any event, from corporate lunches to large conferences and tourist groups! We make it easy to feed any group, large or small.

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Numerous options

We have a wide variety of lunch boxes, including bento boxes, individual grazing boxes, canape boxes, and many lunch box options.

We offer various lunch box catering with gourmet sandwiches, healthy salads, a sweet treat, and fruit. The range includes a chef's selection of chicken, beef, fish, and vegan options to suit your dietary needs.

Therefore, if you want lunch box catering in Sydney and Melbourne, you don't have to look further; order from our website.

Have any question? Get in touch with us at or 1300 451 499


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