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eCater makes it easy to choose the freshest, healthiest catering options at your Melbourne or Sydney workplace or corporate event. It's not just about delivering that food to your door but also about creating menus and nutritious food that means you, your team and your guests always feel good and eat well.
Corporate Catering
You can get fresh, healthy, freshly-made catering to workplaces all over Sydney and Melbourne from eCater. Our range of office catering options features a variety of dishes in various styles that can be shared or ordered individually.
Staff Meal Plans and Lunch Catering
We offer a selection of delicious, nutritious, healthy and healthy staff meal plans as part of our commitment to helping people eat well. eCater makes setting up and managing a plan at your workplace quick and straightforward.
School and University Catering
We offer an array of nutritious, delicious and healthy catering services to childcare centres, schools, colleges, and universities in Sydney and Melbourne. Our catering services include breakfasts, lunches, afternoon tea, and leaving parties. In addition, we cater for corporate events like conferences, inductions, graduations, open days, fundraisers, cocktail parties, and book launches.
Marketing & PR Event Catering
In collaboration with Sydney's top PR and marketing agencies, eCater organises various events, including brand launches, galas, openings, and premieres. Creating bespoke menus to match your event's theme is one of our specialties, and as food presentation specialists, we create visually unique dishes in various styles.
Hotel and Conferencing Catering
Our food and service quality has made eCater one of Sydney's leading caterers that hotels rely on for their events. In addition to catering for large national hotels all over the city, we have created quality bespoke menus in cooperation with them for their conferences and events.
Film & Production Catering Sydney
Production companies in Sydney rely on us to provide high-quality corporate catering services to ensure their actors, producers, and technicians can eat well when they are on set. As a leading catering company, we have provided onsite catering for all major Australian television networks and on-set catering for many film and photo shoots throughout Sydney.
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