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Individual Team Lunches

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If you have to work through lunch, the best way to keep your staff happy is to bring in a delicious, catered individual lunch they are sure to love. For the best office catering, Sydney has to offer, contact us today! We have a huge variety of individual working lunch packages to choose from, which will ensure that your staff is happy and satisfied, even when they have to give up their lunch hour to meet that deadline, attend a meeting, or do some other kind of work.

Our individual working lunch packages are affordable and custom-made. You can be sure to find something that everyone will love, even if you need gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegetarian options. If you want to impress your staff, team members, or guests, our presentation, promptness, and quality is sure to help you do just that. Whether you often get the same tired, old lunches brought in or you just want something better than sandwiches, we’ve got a package for you.

Individual Corporate Lunches
When you order from us, there are a wide variety of individual lunches to choose from. From delicious, high-quality sandwiches that will outpace whatever dull, tasteless sandwiches you used to order into individual hot meals for every single one of your colleagues. For a full overview of what lunch options we offer, see our menus.

How Much Do I Need to Order?
Ordering individual food for a large group of people, especially people you might not know well, is always difficult. We’re here to help! For an individual working lunch, where you are ordering sandwiches or similar individual platters, you want to order one and a half sandwiches per person. This will account for those with larger appetites or unexpected guests. If ordering salads or finger foods in addition to sandwiches, order one sandwich or meal-sized salad and three pieces of finger food per person that can be packed individually.

If you are ordering individual boxed lunches for each person on your staff, determining how many you need is much easier. It is always a good idea, however, to order a few extras, just in case. Our options range from sandwiches to salads, to finger food, to hot meals, to sushi, to pizza, and beyond!

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