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Melbourne Cup Catering Ideas

Volkan Demircan .

Everyone knows the Melbourne Cup is one of the most significant annual events. For those, therefore, who urgently need professional, fast and affordable catering services, there can be no doubt that your company of choice will always be eCater. We are committed to using only the very best suppliers who can provide us with a wide range of delicious meal options, and another benefit is that we have online ordering. You can rest assured that we will ensure that your meals arrive on time.

When it comes to a fantastic event like the Melbourne cup, it makes no sense to go for second best. At eCater were able to recommend a large variety of excellent choices for all cup-related events and were also able to put together the most extraordinary menu for both your guests and your staff. Whether you only need lunch or prefer an all-day service is satisfactory. We have everything from snacks and drinks during lunch to breakfast and other options; in each case, you will receive what you need when needed. There are also other options, such as individual meals, and we were also able to provide an extensive range of delicious desserts and other sweet things.

Our expertise in this industry ensures you get everything you need to make this remarkable celebration as unique as possible. You may want some special drinks to have with your snacks or your meals, and we stock a whole variety of soft drinks as well as wine, champagne and even beer to allow you to make the best possible selection for the event. You only need to look at our menu, and then you can create your own special Melbourne cup event.

The Choice is Yours, Platters or Boxes

As soon as you have selected from our extensive menu, you have a further option between either box, which is excellent if you are interested in recycling, or you may choose more elegant melamine platters.

We know that it can sometimes be challenging to find unique foods for your staff or party guests if those people have special dietary needs. Over the years, we have accumulated many menus suitable for those who prefer dairy-free, gluten-free or vegetarian dishes.

To ensure that you get the freshest and the highest quality of foods, we work only with the best local caterers; therefore, you will be able to get the best local foods to make your Melbourne cup catering experience even better. Not only do we ensure that the food is genuinely delicious, but it will also be healthy. To ensure the standard is satisfactory, we have tested every one of the caterers with whom we work to ensure that everything runs smoothly during your event. You can rest assured that all the food will be of the highest quality and the service will be outstanding.

Everyone knows that during the Melbourne cup, things can get hectic; therefore, it would be foolish to delay your order. You can solve this problem by ordering from eCater and leaving the problem of what you will eat or drink in your hands. All you can do is enjoy the show and the fellowship with your close friends and family. Take your time but contact us today to get started with your order.

If you are looking for realiable & professional caterers for your Melbourne Cup Catering, get in touch with us at hello@ecater.io or 1300 451 499


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