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10 Best Office Catering Ideas to Make Your Team Happy in 2023

Volkan Demircan .

We all know that working in an office can be tough. There are long hours, little sunlight, and it is easy to get disconnected from the outside world. Office catering is a great way to bring people together for a shared meal and boost workplace morale.
Office catering helps build team spirit because everyone has time to relax with their colleagues over lunch or dinner. Office catering also makes getting good food into your diet easier because you do not have to cook or go out of your way for something healthy! In this blog post, we will discuss 10 different types of office catering ideas that will make your staff happy.
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Make it a Special Event
Food is a great way of bringing people together. Office catering is a great way to break up the monotony of everyday life in the office. Office catering helps your team get out of their routine and enjoy some good food with colleagues.
Employee Appreciation Day
Why not schedule a monthly appreciation day? Once a month, you can set aside a day for all employees to come together and enjoy a lunch catered in. It is a great idea to have the catering company bring in an appetiser to get everyone started!
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Supplier Connection Day
While it is great to build a healthy, happy relationship amongst your employees, it is also worthwhile considering your suppliers as part of your team. Strong supplier relationships can help grow your business. Why not bring in your key suppliers once a year to have a great networking event together and build your brand.
Team Building Activities
Office Catering and Office Parties are perfect ways for employees to bond with one another over food. Office parties help office staff relax, forget about work-related stress, and make new friends while enjoying good food. Office catering is a great way to recognise an employees hard work and celebrate their success.
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Remote Workers Celebration
With more and more Australians working from home, there can be a sense of isolation. It is important to create a supportive company culture with your remote team members. For those that live nearby, you could bring all remote team members into the office once a month for some team bonding. Catering for these events is ideal.
Catering for Picky Eaters
There are a number of dietary needs and preferences in the office. Office catering can meet all your needs by providing a healthy, nutritious and delicious option for those with dietary restrictions, allergies or picky eaters in the team!
Consider Serving Options
Many people are accustomed to grabbing lunch at their desks while working. Office catering is a great way of encouraging co-workers to have some time together away from the workstation. Office catering can be a great way to create team building, and strengthen relationships with your co-workers as they enjoy food together.
Do not Underestimate Appetisers
When eating together as co-workers, there can be a reluctance to go first. Office catering can offer an opportunity to break the ice by offering some light appetisers at the start of the meal. Grazing tables and platters for your special event are a great way to go.
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Creative Menu Options
The key to office catering is to keep it fresh and creative. Consider your brand and the niche you serve. Is there a clever theme you could apply to your next catering event? Small business who serves a niche, can become industry leaders if they think creatively. This will encourage your co-workers to think about their food in a different way, which will create new opportunities for interesting conversations at work.
Eating Together Brings Joy
When we eat together, we feel more connected. Office catering can help your staff feel connected and happy. Includes dishes they enjoy is a great idea so ask them for their preferences or find something you think they will love.
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We have put together these few ideas to inspire your office catering. Remember, there are so many variations on these ideas so it is time to get creative! Experiment with different ideas and themes for your catering. Office catering is the perfect time to build connections with staff members and bring some happiness to the team.
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