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Finger Food Catering

Finger Food Catering

Your next event will be a huge success with eCater, as you will have access to a wide range of local finger food caterers near you! All you have to do is choose one that suits your needs and place your order within minutes!

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Office Party Catering

If you are planning a party at your office, it might be in your interest to consider some hot finger food catering. These can be the ideal snacking that people can help themselves to, avoiding large queues. On top of that, people can be adequately well-fed and enjoy a more direct experience at catering. Avoid large lines at your party and keep everyone moving and well-fed with hot finger food catering today.

Delicious Finger Food Catering

Whether you're hosting a large meeting, a small office gathering, a cocktail party, an office birthday celebration, or a boardroom meeting, we have finger food catering available.

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Party Catering Made Easy

Our team at eCater have great experience in offering party catering in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, Canberra and Brisbane, so we can give you the support you need regardless of where you are. Contact our team today for any information and insight you might need about our finger food and party catering options. We will be happy to help you make the right choice and supply your next event with the best foods – all at the fairest price. Some of our caterers are below.


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finger food catering in brisbane by blackout coffee and catering
Blackout Coffee & Catering

Corporate Catering · Finger Food

Finger Food Caterer in Brisbane

Corporate Events & Functions

eCater offers the most outstanding corporate finger food catering services for your company. Our caterers provide a wide range of delicious hot or cold canapes and finger food catering that will delight your employees.

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A simple and flexible solution

You can place your finger food catering order online with eCater using our convenient and intuitive online ordering system. There is full flexibility to include special dietary notes, delivery instructions, and more.

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Why Finger Food Catering Could Be Perfect For Your Next Corporate Event?


Finger food catering can be a great option for a variety of events, including cocktail parties and corporate events. Here are a few reasons why finger food catering could be perfect for your next event:

1. Convenience: Finger foods are easy to eat and do not require utensils, making them convenient for guests to enjoy while mingling and socializing.

2. Variety: Finger food catering allows you to offer a wide range of small bites, providing something for everyone and allowing guests to try a little bit of everything.

3. Cost-effective: Finger food catering can be more cost-effective than a sit-down meal, as you can offer a variety of smaller items rather than full-sized entrées.

4. Flexibility: Finger foods can be served at any time during the event, making them a flexible option for events with a varied schedule or guests who arrive at different times.

5. Easy to customize: Finger food catering can be customized to suit your specific preferences and dietary restrictions, making it easy to create a menu that meets the needs of all of your guests.

Overall, finger food catering is a practical and enjoyable option for a wide range of events, and can help make your event a success.

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