Partner with us

Why should you partner with eCater?

We are here to assist you and have the appropriate response to your needs. Our goal is to grow with you

Are you interested in becoming a supplier and being recognized?

If you are looking for a business partner who shares your values and interests, you have come to the right place. To become a supplier, we provide excellent conditions. We are committed to mutual trust, which is why you will be able to rely on us just as we will rely on you.

Our goal is to ensure your products' quality, offer them, and be your ideal partner. The result is that we all win. We exceed our customers' expectations when it comes to customer satisfaction. Our values are consolidated in addition to growing your business and meeting our goals.

There is no activation fee or lockout contract, so you will only invest 7% (including transaction costs) after this. To specify the details of the operation, we will establish a simple agreement.

To develop a comprehensive growth strategy as a team, we must develop a solid bond rather than a customer-supplier relationship. We are always receptive and attentive to your needs, so you can always count on us for support. We would be delighted to be your preferred business partner.

What can we offer you?

Our goal is to help you become a recognized provider of food and beverages. You can easily manage and order your orders online through our control system:

Orders are tracked and optimized in real-time.Menu item updates: availability, images, prices, and snapshots.Track sales and trends on the go. Analyze the purchasing behaviour of customers by consulting and exporting their data.Develop and implement new marketing strategies. These include promoting products, publishing attractive offers, and offering discounts. 

You can then easily optimize your operation this way.

Additionally, you will have access to:

No upfront fee or lock-in contract is required to use the attractive Visual Menu with our continuous support and advice.

Delivery / Collection

- No upfront fees

- No lock-in contracts

- Inc. taxes and SMS costs

- Ongoing support and advice

Marketing integration

We advertise your products on our channels to develop new and exciting marketing strategies. You can expand your client base, build stronger connections, and offer better service to them.

Still skeptical?

Here are more reasons to join.

  • No catering menu?

You can send us what you have, and we'll create some catering-friendly packages for you.

  • No food pictures?

We'll send over a professional photographer.

  • Too risky?

Did we mention that there's no sign-up fee?

Have a question? Get in touch with us at or 1300 451 499