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Stockade IPA 8 Bit Can 375mL

Stockade IPA 8 Bit Can 375mL

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Hailing from South West Sydney, Stockade Brew Co began life in October 2015. Offering a core line-up of 4 sessionable beers and an ambitious roster of bi-monthly limited edition brews, all coupled with striking artwork, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to their beers.

Brewed to balance a heavy malt base of pilsner and rye against bright us cascade hops. 8bit has massive hop flavours and aromas created by using 4 different hop addition techniques - kettle, whirlpool, hop-back and dry hop. A big bitterness delivered with a high hop flavour, balanced by a sweet malt character. This IPA presents citrus and floral aromas on the nose and is a refresher all year round. 8Bit IPA has aggressive hop aromas and caramel malt flavours.

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