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Events & Functions

Events & Functions

You can find the best corporate caterers through eCater. You can choose from a variety of amazing office catering menus, all conveniently delivered to your office. There's no need to look elsewhere for corporate catering. Your team will be fed by the best local corporate caterers near you.

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Event Planners Near You

eCater works with the best event planners for your functions. Our simple online platform allows you to connect directly with the best event planners near you.

Local Event Planners

You can find the best local event planners through eCater. You can choose from a variety of amazing events options, all conveniently organised for your event. There's no need to look elsewhere for event planning.

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Grazing Tables

With eCater, you can choose from various grazing tables and platters to serve your company's employees or guests. We work with our event catering partners to help curate grazing table options to suit the needs of each team or function.

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Corporate Events

With eCater's flexible service options, we are capable of catering for any type of corporate event, whether the event is simply a canapé service or a multi-day event.

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Why Choose eCater for Event Planning and Event Catering


When planning and catering for your upcoming events, eCater is your trusted partner. Whether you're organising corporate events, office parties, or special occasions, our platform offers a comprehensive range of services and features to make your event successful. Discover why eCater should be your first choice for event planning and event catering:


1. Professional Event Planners to Bring Your Vision to Life

At eCater, we understand that every event is unique. That's why we collaborate with a team of experienced event planners who can bring your vision to life. Our local event planners possess extensive knowledge and creativity, ensuring corporate events or office parties are tailored to your specific goals and preferences. From concept development to execution, our event planners will handle all the intricate details, leaving you stress-free to enjoy the occasion.


2. Extensive Menu Options and Customisable Grazing Tables

eCater takes pride in offering an extensive menu that caters to all events. Whether you're looking for elegant canapés, full-course meals, or eye-catching grazing tables, our platform has you covered. Our grazing tables and platters feature an artful arrangement of delectable finger foods and appetisers. They create a visually stunning centrepiece that will impress your guests and leave a lasting impression.


3. Reliable and Trusted Local Event Caterers

eCater partners with a network of reliable and trusted local event caterers who specialise in providing top-notch service for various events. Each caterer is carefully vetted to ensure they meet our high standards of quality and professionalism. By choosing eCater, you can rest assured that your event catering will be handled by experienced experts dedicated to delivering exceptional culinary experiences.


4. Seamless Coordination Between Event Planners and Caterers

eCater streamlines the coordination process between event planners and caterers, ensuring smooth communication and collaboration. Our platform is a centralised hub where event planners and caterers can collaborate seamlessly, resulting in a cohesive and harmonious event. You can ensure flawless coordination by integrating all aspects of your event, from planning to catering.


5. Access to Local Event Planners and Caterers

eCater provides access to a vast network of local event planners and caterers in your area. This localised approach enables you to tap into the expertise of professionals familiar with the local event scene, venues, and suppliers. By working with local event planners and caterers, you benefit from their in-depth knowledge and connections, ensuring a successful event tailored to your specific location.

eCater is your comprehensive solution for event planning and event catering. With our professional event planners, extensive menu options, reliable local event caterers, and seamless coordination, we are committed to making your corporate events, office parties, and special occasions truly memorable.

Experience the expertise and convenience of eCater for your next event. Contact us today, and let us bring your vision to life with exceptional event planning and catering services.


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